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braai - barbecue, a favoured South African past time

babbelas - hungover

eish - exclamation of surprise, dismay, or sympathy

Hayibo! - wow!

jislaaik - expression of amazement

jol - to party, have fun

just now - anything from 10 minutes to one hour to never

laduma! - he scores! A popular cheer at soccer matches

lekker - really nice

moerse - really big

now now - under 10 minutes

robot - traffic light

slap chips - french fries

swak - bad

tune - to tell, to talk, to provoke

yebo - yes in Zulu

Lekker local delicacies

boerewors - beef sausage usually cooked on a braai

biltong - dried raw meat

bunny chow - curry served inside a hollowed-out bread loaf

chakalaka - spicy vegetable relish

koeksisters - deep-fried twisted plaits of pastry doused in syrup

milk tart (melk tert) - a milk-based custardy tart

bobotie - Cape Malay meatloaf

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