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While crime is a major issue in South Africa, tourists should maintain perspective and realise that most people's visits to the country are incident-free.

Follow common sense safety rules that you would follow when travelling anywhere.

• Don't walk alone in quiet areas at night.

• Don't carry a lot of cash on you, use credit cards instead.

• Avoid obvious displays of your valuables, such as expensive cameras and jewellery. • ATM scams are common in South  Africa. Choose the ATMs you use carefully - don't use any that are in secluded places.

• If you want to call a taxi, ask your hotel or nearest tourism information service to recommend a reliable company.

• If travelling by car, map your route out before you leave. Don't leave valuables visible on the seat next to you - lock them in the boot. Keep the doors locked and windows up. Park in well lit areas.

• If you run alone have your pepper spray in your hand, and tell your house mates what route you are going to run/walk/cycle and what time you are planning to be back.

• Do not hang your wetsuit outside for the whole day and night when you are not at home.

• Lock the back door if you are in the front of the house and don’t leave any valuables in the car.

• Try and keep out of the sun from 12:00 – 14:00 and remember to apply suntan lotion regularly (yes, the men too).

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